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The Gene Keys and Lunch 15th of june 2018

Much jewelry that I make with gems and totem animals refer to the Gene Keys teachings. It offers wisdom from psychology, genetics, astrology, I-ching, Buddhism and Christianity. Since 2016 I follow the three-part program of the Golden Path with Richard Rudd, the founder of the Gene Keys. It changed my life.

Although I have read much literature about various forms of astrology and other esoteric books since I was eighteen, there was no one where I gained concrete insights into my personal development and I did not get any answers about why I am like myself and why I always run into the same obstacles in my life. Through the Gene Keys I learned to know my own shadows better and now I can embrace them. In addition, I better recognize the gift sides behind these shadows and sometimes also catch a glimpse of the Divinity in the shadow side. For example, my emotional balance is much better than before. Maybe the outside world does not notice this, but I think it is a huge victory for a highly sensitive person like me.

The 64 Gene Keys refer to totem animals and gems, to express a certain quality of a Gene Key. I want to bring this symbolism and energy back into my jewelry as a tribute to the Gene Keys. I am also glad that I have recently been added as an affiliate, and I am allowed to refer to articles on the Gene Keys website through my website.

I have joined the international Gene Keys Society, which also has a department in the Netherlands. With this group we will have lunch in Nijmegen on June 15th and people who are interested, but do not know much about the Gene Keys are also welcome. View our facebook invitation here.

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