Ring double heart with chrysocolla


This ring is made with silvered wire and chrysocolla stones. Please send me the size of your finger: https://youtu.be/6l_Pyx5k5AU

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Chrysocolla helps you to find the purity in your heart despite the negative polluting influences you have had during your life. It helps reduce negative emotions such as guilt and (love) sadness. The stone encourages self-reflection, stimulates a neutral and open attitude and allows the truth to emerge. It promotes clarity of mind, makes creative and promotes communication. On a spititual level it absorbs negative energy, cleans and activates the chakras.

Chrysocolla corresponds with 22.37 to 28.15 degrees Gemini, the 12th gene key and the 12th hexagram of the I’Ching: The Standstill.

Silver is antibacterial and strengthens the resistance against cold, flu, candida, fatigue and various infections. Silver is a precious metal that can strengthen the energy of gemstones.

Silver corresponds to 24.30 degrees Taurus to 0.07 degrees Gemini, the 8th Gene Key and the eighth hexagram of the I’Ching: Holding Together.


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