Dreamcatcher necklace with danburite


This necklace is made of recycled copper wire, danburite beads and black elastics.

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The North American Ojibweg Indians have been making dream catchers for centuries to hang over their children’s cots or cribs. At night the bad dreams are caught in the web and according to tradition they slide off in the morning and dry up in the morning sun. Good dreams can find their way unhindered into the center of the dream catcher and thus enter the life of the dreamer.

Danburite stimulates intuition, higher consciousness, intellect and supports lucid dreaming. It helps people who dream restlessly and vigorously and who wake up tired because of these dreams the next day. Danburite stimulates to sleep more calmly and regularly, cleanses emotionally and provides patience, peace of mind and more energy during the day. (Danburite does not specifically help with stress during the day, but it curbs violent dreams. I also recommend that people who suffer from nightmares do exercises with lucid dreams, to get a better grip on their dreams: there are some experts in this facebook group .)

Danburite corresponds to 26.22 degrees Libra up to 2.00 degrees Scorpio, the 50th Gene Key and the 50th hexagram of the I-Ching: The Cauldron.


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