Bracelet spiral with gemstones


This bracelet is made with recycled copper and gemstones.

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The spiral is an ancient symbol, which has a universal mystical meaning in various cultures throughout the world, as we find this symbol in ancient Celtic excavations and at the Maori in New Zealand. The spiral also occurs in nature, for example look at a curled frond or snail house. The spiral shape also refers to the golden ratio, the sacred geometry of nature, discovered more than 800 years ago by the scientist Fibonacci. At a spiritual level the spiral is referring to the process of living, letting go and being reborn: the movement that you make in the process of deepening. Every time you encounter the same obstacles and patterns, but at a deeper level or from a different angle. The Golden Path of the Gene Keys is also a spiral form, where you discover deeper layers of your inner life and thereby heal yourself and your old patterns.


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